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🌈Introducing the 2023 Spring Wire Collection - Fresh New Elements

🌈Introducing the 2023 Spring Wire Collection - Fresh New Elements

"Curly Chubby" Adjustable Twin Color Chubby Cable

🎨In 2023, the Collision Spring Wire will be available in a wider range of color combinations.

It is a versatile and durable charging cable that can be used in the car or on the go.

Its braided design allows for easy stretching and there are no limitations on distance. It is made with a new generation of 🌈contrasting color elements and features a strong braided rope for added durability.

With a maximum power of 120W, this 2.23ft cable is made with imported ⚡️fabric weaving and PET⚡️material, able to withstand daily wear and tear while remaining tough and resistant to folding.

The metal head is designed to match the CHUBBY 1.0 night light and comes in a variety of color combinations that can also be used for table decor.

🌈More options will be available in 2023, so be sure to keep an eye on our updates for the latest releases.

👉Get more details,click on the link below:👉


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